Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Vocabulary Final

Here is the link for the vocabulary final. Please begin it right away.
You may only use a note card if you already bought one; otherwise, please clear your desk before beginning.
Good luck!

Monday, June 12, 2017

End-of-the-year survey

After you take the vocab final on Wed, please do the end-of-year survey here:

Please be honest: this is an anonymous survey.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Final Project Outline

View this outline:

File-Make a copy.

Rename it in your drive as LAST NAME per. ___ Final Project Outline

Keep the words on the outline: add your information to it.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

8th grade language arts Take Home Final/May Book Project

Here is the link to the directions given out today (Thurs. May 4) in class:

Here are a couple of the due dates we discussed to check-in on your progress:
Tues. May 9: Bring your May novel to class-you will write down the title on the chart/page progress.

Wed. May 24: Be finished with your May novel AND have your plot graphic organizer completed.

Wed. May 31: Have your non-fiction text/poem printed out, read, and marked up; Have your THEME graphic organizer for your non-fiction text/poem completed
               Pre-AP students: In addition, have your creative medium printed out/marked; and have your                                      THEME graphic organizer for your creative mode completed

Fri. June 2: Completed outline (typed or handwritten-not on the original example in packet)

Mon. June 5: Completed rough draft

Wed. June 7: Final draft of analysis essay with all the components behind it (see description for order)

Please note: There are no late finals being accepted past the June 7 deadline. This is to ensure that all finals are graded and entered by June 16.  This is a non-negotiable deadline.  If you are sick, please ensure that your final gets to the school; all pre-excused absences need to be discussed with Mrs. Tebon ahead of time to ensure that you will get credit for this work. This is the majority of your grade for this class-do not procrastinate, and advocate for yourself.

Reminder: If you do not have internet/computer/printer access, please talk with Mrs. Tebon ASAP.

If you are on an IEP, you have an alternative assignment-please see Mrs. Tebon for the paper.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Cav Time: Performance Assessment Social Media final projects

In Cav time, you have been reading pages 23-30 in your performance assessment workbook, filling in the margins with your reactions, connections, questions you have that came up as you were reading, defining words you might not know or that you find are important and need to be re-iterated, or answering questions that are at the bottom of the pages (discuss and decide questions, for example) in the margins. You also have been responding to the short answer questions on the pages, including the important chart/question on page 30.  Page 31 (graphic organizer) is OPTIONAL but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. If you cannot adequately address/answer the short question on p. 30, then you NEED to do the graphic organizer.

After you have completed the pages (and have had your book checked by Ms. Quezada), you will begin your choice of a final project. Go to the following link and VIEW the four project choices. You will pick ONE of the choices.  Please note: each of the choices are specific to a certain learning style/strength; if you consider yourself not artistic, for example, you might steer clear of the One-Pager, and may focus on a different choice.

These will be due at the end of Cav time on Friday (April 28). You will NOT be working on this at home (this is not homework), or with a partner in your Cav time. Because some Cav times do not have access to computers, it is okay to handwrite your work, and view the templates (or print them) at home, or at a different time.

If you have a Cav time that is less-than ideal for a working environment, please advocate for yourself: inform the teacher that you need a different environment to ensure that you complete your work on time, to the best of your ability.

This project will be graded, using the indicators on the assignment description, in language arts class, for a language arts grade.  Please make sure you complete this.

Link to project descriptions (choose one project):

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Book Trailer (Mar/April Book Project)

First, Complete the iMovie Trailer Planner

Second, Complete the Storyboard for book trailers (at least 3 boxes)

Open iMovie
File-new project
Choose a theme
Go to Creative Commons-save image to desktop
Drag image to video reel
Drag another picture (double click to make duration longer)

Click on T (text), and then click on the text box to add in text

APP (phone or ipad):
Open iMovie
Click on the plus sign (Create)
Choose "Trailer"
Pick the trailer that is appropriate for the tone for your topic
Follow the template given
Add credit information
Click on frame
Insert videos from camera roll "Video" or "Photos" OR take videos in the app "Camera"

This is due April 27

Thursday, March 23, 2017

AMLE survey

If you haven't already done this survey in Cav Time: please take the time to do it: